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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I Maintain my Grease Trap?

Maintaining and cleaning any size/design grease trap is explained in our manual.


  • Removing all of the accumulated FOG (fats, oils & Grease) on the surface

  • Sucking out all of the greywaters from the Trap [or leaving rich bio-logical liquid]

  • Discarding the food waste on the bottom of the unit.

  • Then, the unit could be washed down, ensuring all components and chambers are thoroughly cleaned and free of any waste that could cause a blockage in the Trap or pipes.

  • A detailed cleaning record should be available for a Water Authority / Environmental Health Inspection.

How are Grease Traps Cleaned?

ALULINE a licensed waste disposal contractor will use a tried & tested method to remove the FOG (fats, oils & Grease), greywater, and food waste in one action.

Approved and professional cleaning is carried out using mechanical pumping equipment depending on the size of the grease trap. If the grease trap is situated indoors, this operation may need to be done after hours in restaurant operation. 


How Often Should the Trap be Cleaned?

Wastewater regulations and IS  UK EN 1825 parts 1 & 2 state that all grease traps should be emptied when "25% of its volume is filled with organic waste). 

As a guideline, the above regulations need all untreated grease traps to be de-sludged, emptied and cleaned at least x4 times per year. This requires regular monitoring of the Trap. Location and design are essential at a design stage. Internal traps must be inspected regularly. Staff training will be a major factor in weekly/monthly emptying. 

Aluline®Maintenance and Compliance Operations /Instructions.

Aluline® has a unique database that is updated automatically by your Service Engineer. It provides operators and Water Company inspectors with remote access to all of your Grease Trap maintenance records.

Hard copy records are produced by your Service Engineer and stored in your on-site Manual.

In addition, your maintenance and compliance reports can be emailed to you and your designated staff.

Access to Alulines Service Software® includes:



  • Waste Disposal Certificates

  • Maintenance Reporting

  • Staff Training Records

  • Annual Environment Reports

  • Water company Inspections

  • Performance Reporting

  • Reactive Maintenance



Scheduled monitoring and reporting  and all records are updated. Thus ensureing the performance data is accurate, consistent and actionable. You  can remotely access these records via Aluline Service Software® or view them in your on-site  Manual.


Scheduled Cleaning Licensed Pump Out Service

Our scheduled pump-out service ensures you never have to deal with a drain or grease trap blockage. We will contact you several days in advance to arrange a time that best suits you and your staff. You will receive before and after photographs of the pump-out service which can be accessed at any time via Aluline Service Software®

Technical Support Unlimited Assistance

Just received an inspection?  Need asurance Just give us a call and we will gladly assist you.


Maintenance and  Compliance


What is Included in your Records:

  • Every Waste Disposal Certificate to Date.

  • Current Fat, Oil & Grease Levels in your Trap.

  • Bacterial Treatment Replenish Records.

  • Date & Time of every Service Engineer Visit.

  • Waste Water Analysis Results.[ if required]

  • Information About your Grease Trap Make & Model.

  • Historical reports for Additional Maintenance Work Carried out on your                           Grease trap.


The Benefits:

  • Accessible Remotely on Desktop & Mobile.

  • All Records are Completely up-to-date.

  • Confidence for water company Inspectors.

  • Username/Password.protected

  • Fast, Easy and Secure.

  • Free Service as Part of your Maintenance Plan.


A legal requirement

Your Legal Obligation.

Hospitality operators serving food to staff or the public have a legal obligation to:

  • Install a correctly sized to UK EN 1825 an approved grease trap.

  • Maintain the grease trap under the UK EN 1825 parts 1 & 2 

  • Ensure no contamination of the Public Sewer System


How We Can Help.

We are much more than a Grease Trap Manufacturer. We support you through every step of your obligations to ensure you and your staff are compliant with current legislation. 

  • Carry out a survey of your premises. 

  • Provide a  detailed proposal, including an optional maintenance plan.

  • Make a 'submission for approval' to Water Company before fabrication. 

  • Assist and mentor your staff in Kitchen Drainage requirements to reduce the clean cycle. 

  • We will install your new' ALUTRAP® System,

  • We can supply and install a digital dosing pump that automatically dispenses ALUZYME treatment to keep pipes and grease traps free-flowing and odor-free.   


A Maintenance Plan.

An unmonitored grease trap is the single most expensive piece of equipment in any commercial kitchen. Non-compliance penalties aside, call-out fees, downtime, and disruption to business can quickly escalate. For a fixed monthly fee we will provide:

  • Scheduled clean-outs at a time that best suits you and your staff. 

  • Daily bacterial treatment to digest Grease and keep plumbing systems free-flowing.   

  • Maintain all your hard copy compliance records on-site    

  • Additional FOUR service visits per year to replenish the Aluzyme treatment, monitor the grease trap & dosing equipment / maintain any on-site compliance records.  

  • Unlimited support with Water Company inspections.

Like the sound of our maintenance plan?

Are you using an existing grease trap? Or another FOG system?

No problem! We can help.  A compliance survey is free and if you are experiencing any problems or are unsure about your existing equipment we will visit your site and give free no obligation advice. 

If the design and sizing of your grease trap comply with current regulations, we are happy to provide our maintenance plans for your existing grease management system.

Following a survey of your premises, a detailed proposal will demonstrate how our maintenance plan will save you time and money. Your staff will have no daily maintenance routines to carry out, no foul odors or leaks to contend with, and no expensive blockages to cause concern. What was once an unknown expense is now manageable.


Maintenance Plans – Include?

One Fixed Monthly Fee:


Scheduled Grease Trap Empties

  • Scheduled empties and cleaning at a time that best suits you and your staff.

  • Contact and reminders prior to cleaning visits.

  • Email report after cleaning with before and after photographs.

  • Dosing equipment supplied and installed. This delivers an automated daily dose of Aluzyme to digest organics and keep plumbing systems free-flowing

  • Bacteria is replenished every 120 days by your service engineer/courier depending on the plan you choose.

  • Water Company Contact/Correspondence

  • A service to ensure all of your compliance obligations are current and available for inspection 

  • Water Company inspectors can, with your agreement, have access to your maintenance records 


Waste Disposal Certificates

  • Waste disposal certificates are issued every time your grease trap is emptied and cleaned. 

  • Hard copy certificates can be stored in your on-site Manual this is updated by your service engineer 

  • Every aspect of our maintenance plan is documented and stored in your on-site Compliance Manual a

  • Access to your maintenance records online means  Water Company inspectors can view if required 


Bacterial Treatment

  • It is a time-proven solution to digest waste FOG (food, oils & Grease) and keep pipes, drains and grease traps free-flowing.  

  • Service Engineer Visits

Food waste can accumulate in pipes & drains which in turn cause flies / bad odors / costly blockages.

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