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Water Company Inspectors require the food business to regularly monitor, maintain and document the compliance of each grease trap on their premises.

Information to be retained for inspection:

• A copy of the sizing calculation for the grease trap 

• A copy of the manufacturer's UK/CE accreditation

• Design details showing volumes, flow rates, etc. 

• Dates & times of all maintenance records 

• Waste disposal records from a licensed contractor 

Failure to present any of the above may result in a notification of non-compliance. 


A  Service Plan – Keeping you Compliant.

A Comprehensive Service – One Fixed Monthly Fee:


A Preventative Maintenance Plan for your existing or new grease trap will help eliminate blockages, foul odors, and costly downtime while ensuring your premises is compliant with all Local Authority and Water Company regulations. Our Maintenance Plans are designed to meet the needs of each facility and include scheduled waste disposal, daily bacterial treatments,  service visits, and an optional online compliance reporting service that can be obtained for one fixed monthly fee.



A Correctly Sized Grease Trap

You're ALUTRAP® will conform to all Local Authority and Water Company Standards. 


There are no moving parts, filters, or bags to replace. ALUTRAP® requires no daily maintenance by staff, consumes no electricity, and can be retrofitted in almost any kitchen (above or below ground). With a 20+ year life expectancy and a 100% airtight design, ALUTRAP® is probably the most hygienic and cost-effective interceptor on the market.



Bacterial Drain Treatment 

ALUZYME® safely and economically digests Grease and other organic waste to prevent FOG  from blocking pipe systems and Grease Traps. It reduces the frequency of costly grease trap cleaning & maintenance. 

ALUZYME® can be supplied as part of a monthly maintenance plan. It is automatically dosed into the plumbing system via a programable dosing pump which is provided. 



Maintenance and Compliance Software

Hard copy records are produced by your Service Engineer and stored in your on-site Manual. (Please keep this safe)

In addition, your maintenance and compliance reports can be Recorded by you and your designated staff.

Access toServices® includes:

• Waste Disposal Certificates

• Maintenance Reporting

• Staff Training Records

• Annual Environment Reports

• Water company Inspections

• Performance Reporting

• Reactive Maintenance



Scheduled calls, visits, and reporting are carried out, and all records are stored. Thus ensuring the performance data is accurate, consistent, and actionable.  view them in your on-site  Manual.

Scheduled Cleaning

Licensed Clean Out Service 

Our scheduled CLEAN-out service ensures you rarely have to deal with a drain or grease trap blockage. We will contact you several days in advance to arrange a time that best suits you and your staff. You will receive before and after photographs of the clean-out service which can be accessed at any time via our Wintac programme.

Technical Support

Unlimited Assistance 

Just received an inspection?  Need assurance Just give us a call and we will gladly assist you. 

Contact Us today for a free no obligation quotation.


Maintenance and Compliance Software


What Included in your Records:

• Every Waste Disposal Certificate to Date.

• Current Fat, Oil & Grease Levels in your Trap.

• Bacterial Treatment Replenish Records.

• Date & Time of every Service Engineer Visit.

• Information About your Grease Trap Make & Model.

• History Reports for Additional Maintenance Work Carried out on your Grease Trap.


The Benefits:

• Accessible Remotely on Desktop & Mobile.

• All Records are Completely up-to-date.

• Quick Access for both you & Inspectors.

• Personal access with Username/Password.

• Fast, Easy and Secure.

• Free Service as Part of your Maintenance Plan.

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