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Regulations require that an adequate drainage system be installed i.e., a drainage system that will work under given conditions, this also includes mandatory installation of a grease interceptor in new and refurbished premises

Please note that in this section the term ‘interceptor’ is used. This has the same meaning as ‘separator’ and ‘trap’.
An Alutrap interceptor is a stainless steel water container with a series of baffles designed to suspend and retain FOG (food, oil and grease) from wastewater outlets in a commercial kitchen. This retention then facilitates the effective biological treatment of catering effluent.

Benefits of Alutrap Interceptors


  • Compliant with current legislation.

  • Hygienic, fully air sealed durable stainless steel construction.

  • Units are supplied complete with universal fittings for simple installation.

  • Full access lids allow for ease of inspection and maintenance.

  • Standard traps available off the shelf.

  • Alucare service guarantee, readily available spare parts.

  • Technical services advice via telephone, on site visits.

  • AG units have quick release clips for swift internal inspection.

  • AG units can be removed and re-installed following refurbishments etc.

  • Bio activity on FOG within interceptor reduces frequency of maintenance.

  • Bio activity will enhance action in pipe systems and waste treatment plants.

  • Aluzorb allows disposal of F.O.G retained in the grease trap to landfill rather than disposal via drains.

  • Cost and Performance effective.

How Drain Systems Work?

In most food service operations waste water is removed from the kitchen/wash-up areas via a 50mm waste pipe System (access for cleaning in the event of accidental blockage must be considered). Discharge normally
continues to a 110mm access stub pipe situated at floor level. From this point a long radius bend would be the preferred pipe fitting, connecting directly into the main waste water system.

A Grease Trap is usually fitted either at the source of contamination at the head of each vulnerable drainage run or before entering the main sewer line. Where practical we recommend localized internal above ground traps.

These become kitchen equipment under the control of catering staff. This ensures that control and maintenance is carried out by the users of equipment. Aluline supply a maintenance kit and offer full support and training in trap maintenance.

Diligent Specification Every Time


  • Alutrap interceptors are designed to prevent excess F.O.G from entering the drainage system.

  • Biological treatment of retained F.O.G in an interceptor will reduce the frequency of maintenance.

  • Will enhance performance of pipe systems and waste treatment tanks.

  • Minimising water borne waste is always the preferred option.

Your ALUTRAP® will conform to all Local Authority and Water Company Standards.


There are no moving parts, filters, or bags to replace. ALUTRAP® requires no daily maintenance by staff, consumes no electricity, and can be retrofitted in almost any kitchen (above or below ground). With a 20+ year life expectancy and a 100% airtight design, ALUTRAP® is probably the most hygienic and cost-effective interceptor on the market.


ALUZYME® Bacterial Drain Treatment

ALUZYME® safely and economically digests Grease and other organic waste to prevent FOG  from blocking pipe systems and Grease Traps. It reduces the frequency of costly grease trap cleaning & maintenance.

ALUZYME® can be supplied as part of a monthly maintenance plan. It is automatically dosed into the plumbing system via a programable dosing pump which is provided.

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